“You have to love yourself before you can love others”

Longtime Couple Found That Clothes Didn’t Make The Man

This is one of the cutest stories¬†ever.¬†This man has been in the news before, which only goes to show how rare it is that someone cross-dresses so freely, even in today’s accepting world. Though this isn’t about gender identity perse (and in fact, it’s perhaps his cis-gendered identity that makes him a topic of conversation), this is still about someone overcoming a lot of external pressure to conform, with the support of his wife who stuck by his side.

If you don’t love the crap out of both of them after this, then I don’t know… do you not have a soul maybe? Get that checked.

Choice of life partner is important. Wait but why?, an awesome blog on a whole variety of subjects, discusses this here and here. But if you can’t love yourself first, you’ll never love at all.