Binding for large chests

I go by female pronouns but I like binding so here are a few posts that seemed to grab some attention on this site:

All about binders: a first-hand review of binders for larger-chested people

And an update on how I like to bind when I’m not feeling lazy:

The Best Chest!

As for what to wear over it, here are some ideas for casual settings:

  • Something that’s open at the collar with a crew neck underneath: i.e. a henley left unbuttoned or a slightly loose buttondown shirt, with 2 buttons undone below the collar, and a solid non-white crew-neck shirt underneath (looks less like underwear than white does); I feel like it broadens the shoulders a bit and balances out the chest, while detracting from the uniboob, if it happens. Rolling up the sleeves just above the elbows also broadens the upper body. I also roll up the sleeves on my cardigans for the same effect.
  • A dark buttondown.
  • A graphic t-shirt; in the colder months, I’d wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath. It might look a little 90s college skater boy, depending on the t-shirt; to avoid going too young, I stay away from large text or bright colors… but also you do you. A light t-shirt over a darker long-sleeve broadens the shoulders nicely.
  • A scarf over a sweater/crewneck sweatshirt. Looks a bit softer and less masculine but hides the chest. Cozy in the fall.

Happy binding!


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