Biggest fears

  1. Getting stabbed, stabbing someone (I have nightmares about this)
  2. Antibiotic resistant infections
  3. Friends dating someone else and then never making time for friendship
  4. A favorite item of clothing getting stained/torn beyond repair and never quite finding something as perfect
  5. Inadequate interpersonal, organizational, or motivational skills
  6. Losing/not finding community
  7. Increasing totalitarianism eroding our democracy
  8. Global warming’s most devastating effects
  9. Resource scarcity
  10. Sitting on my hands and being unable to apply my considerable training and skills to the world’s most important problems
  11. Religious fundamentalism’s rise and subsequent fall of the secular, logical systems we rely on to fix problems and guarantee human rights

3 thoughts on “Biggest fears

  1. dang, those are intense! as for #4, my spouse has grown out of some of her favorite clothing over the years, or it’s worn out, stuff that she’s had for a very long time. And surprisingly, she’s been able to find the exact same thing (a lot of the time) in a different size on ebay or etsy or somewhere, and it hasn’t even been too pricey. I never would have thought to do this, but thought it was a pretty good solution!


  2. These are all pretty scary, but #4 resonates with me on a spiritual level. I still think about t-shirts I owned in high school that just don’t exist for grownups with giant chests and get suuuuuper sad about it lol! Although, I did manage to replace one of my favorite t-shirts my ex-sister-in-law bought for me years ago. It took some hunting and was a little pricey, but soooo worth it.


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