To all the cats I’ve broken up with

The first time we met you were so shy. You slunk your little body behind the couch, but with one look you conveyed everything: that with time comes trust, that you’ll give me a chance, that you’re just looking for laser buddies and treat buddies. We didn’t have much alone time, as I was dating your human, but you know when I came over it was you I was excited to see.

When we did have alone time, we could chill for hours watching TV, or you’d nap with me while I worked, or you’d beg for my food, or you’d find the mysterious laser light bouncing around the apartment just as you started getting restless. And when your human was there, we’d always make space for you to sleep with us and curl up with us, letting you warm yourself on top of the blankets radiating our collective body heat on cold winter nights. And I’ll never forget your little paws, and how you kneaded my stomach before making yourself comfortable.

No, I don’t have my own cat yet. But I have fond memories of you; and believe me, when I do get one I’ll be looking for one that reminds me of you: your youthful, playful energy and how sweet you were when I was upset.

I miss you every day… your human, not so much.


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