You know what really gets me? How we can never know what’s going on in someone else’s brain. We just can’t be sure, ever, that our experience is remotely similar to theirs.

People are black box mysteries, and that’s amazing. How can you not be dying to know what makes a person tick?!

When other people seem the most opaque is when I feel the most lonely. Or rather, when I’m the most frustrated by that opacity is when I feel the most lonely. And that’s really what loneliness is: the unfulfilled desire to relate to others.

When someone experiences a loss of consciousness after a brain injury, how can we know they’re unconscious if maybe their communication systems are just down? When someone is going through a tough time, how can we tell if they need support or tough love? How can we make sense of death if there’s no communicating with it while alive?

It’s stuff like this that makes me, if not religious or even agnostic, deeply awed by the limitations of science.


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