Ready to politicize!

My trip to D.C. is imminent you guys! Imminent! As in, I gotta wake up in 3 hours. Then I’ll sleep 3 hours on the train. Then I’ll go to sleep early as f—. It’ll be terrific.

It turns out I won’t actually be meeting congressmen; only their staffers. And we’ll be talking to them about increasing public funding for basic science. I’m hoping it goes well! At the very least this is a great way to gain experience, network, and put something sci-policy on my resume, since I’ve done bubkis for my resume in the past 4 years besides be a grad student.

I tried on a bunch of different outfits; my favorite involved a shirt, tie, and blazer… but I don’t want to be so visible. So I’m just going with a shirt and blazer… but man I wish I could do the whole tie thing. It looks so much more fresh and profesh. Maybe not to my first trip. And maybe when my haircut is better, and I have better quality clothes. Those details super matter.

Aside from the crumminess of the knot, the quality of the tie, the length of the blazer sleeves (yeah shoulda done that before the trip), and the fact that those are useless not-great-fitting women’s pants with no belt loops, oh and the awkward camera angle (so like, all of it), here ya go: blazer_tie.png

Again, not what I’m wearing tomorrow. But sigh. Someday.



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