“Yes or No?”: Another great lesbian movie

The first woman I dated sent me the file for this movie; I can’t find it (it must have gotten erased somewhere and I’m so sad about that!) but I did find the full-length thing on YOUTUBE!! The internet is a great place. Love you, worldwide web.

“Yes or No” is about a marine biology student at a university in Thailand who, to her initial horror, gets assigned as her roommate a very handsome butch girl from the country. Her thinly veiled homophobia wounds the roommate, but soon an unlikely friendship develops between them and well, it’s a lesbian movie, so *squee* ensues.

It’s so different from American lesbian movies, and though I can’t pretend to know a lick about Thai culture after seeing this film, it provides some interesting insight into how “tom” and “dee” identities are received in Thailand. Though it’s one of the more open countries for non-cisnormative people to live (see Katouey,  Tom (butch/transmasculine identity) and Dee (femmes who date Toms) ) and that homosexuality is not against the rules, as the movie shows there is still a bit of general discomfort with non-cis-het identities.

The movie is done through a very cutesy lens; or at least my Western eyes see it that way. But it does such a beautiful job of showing the innocence of first love, and the bravery of going against traditional societal values.

Basically, it’s absolutely guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You can watch the movie here:


2 thoughts on ““Yes or No?”: Another great lesbian movie

    • i know right! it is a little slow at parts but i love it 🙂 like i wanna hug them all and tell them it’ll be ok!

      there’s also a part 2 on youtube for people who want to find out what happens to pie and kim…

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