Zika virus and abortion rights

NOW can we talk about abortion as a health issue? NOW can we address the stupidity of abstinence-only education? NOW can we take men to task as much as women to prevent unwanted pregnancy??

Abortion is just another one of those “social issues” that’s really a “minority issue”. By minority I mean people who are not in the dominant power group. Poor women are affected most of all; rich men not at all.

And now countries like El Salvador are saying “ladies, keep it in your pants til 2018.” WHAT ABOUT MEN!?! As far as I know, the Virgin Mary is the only historical figure to so much as CLAIM to bring about the miracle of childbirth without so much as laying eyes on a human penis.

To say Zika is a women’s issue is absolutely absurd.


Here’s a really interesting article about what happens when countries with out-dated laws restricting access to abortion and birth control (and probably don’t adequately protect women from rape either) (the U.S. has the laws, but the backlash is hard to ignore and is having real-life reprecussions and does little to protect the mother in many cases) meets a weird virus that makes having these conversations more important than ever. If indeed Zika causes microencephaly, it’s basically a no-brainer (no pun intended) to have an abortion… if you have access to one. Women are being punished for being women across the Americas, and this virus is starkly highlighting the need for reproductive rights.

Fucking horrifying.





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