Hello trans*/GNC/GQ/agender/questioning/whatevenarelabels people! Halp wanted!

Hey queer people and non-queer of various persuasions! A wonderful friend of mine needs all of yalls’ help conducting a survey for a psych class. If you identify as anything other than 100% cisnormative, take the survey! Not to be like an overachiever or anything, but it took me 10 minutes to fill it out (less than the 30-45), if you’re pressed for time. I was always a fast test-taker. But also I really had to pee.

Not only will this be doing Jay a huge favor but it will also be supporting the cause of better characterizing what gender-variant/trans/nonconforming people experience daily. Or something, I’m no psychologist. But seriously this survey is an Important Thing.
P.S. It’s totes 100% anonymous.

P.P.S. Feel free to send it along to all your other friends who fit this category.

See below.

Hello! I’m a psychology student at Sarah Lawrence College, and for my class I’m conducting a study on mental well-being and being trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, questioning, or any other identity with a related experience. Because I’m looking at a wide variety of variables, I really need as many participants as possible! Participating in the study involves filling out an anonymous, primarily multiple-choice survey on a variety of topics related to gender identity and mental health. It’s totally voluntary. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and if you complete it you will be eligible for the chance to win one of three $25 visa gift cards. Please consider participating, and if you could pass along this blurb and a link of the study to others who fall under the above identity categories that would be really great. The study and more information are in this link: https://jay75.typeform.com/to/mRjlpm
Thank you!
–Jay Pulitano

10 thoughts on “Hello trans*/GNC/GQ/agender/questioning/whatevenarelabels people! Halp wanted!

  1. Done, with some critiquing of the questions. I think despite their attempts to offer non-binary options, they didn’t offer them up (e.g. #24 do you want to be read as male or female as if those are the only two choices). Also they needed to define “family” because it could mean your birth family or your current family if you are partnered and have kids – and not everyone goes to work or school – some people are retired, others stay home with their kids, etc., some are unemployed etc…

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    • Thanks, I’ll pass on the word.

      I think in #24 I interpreted it more as “would you prefer people gendered you as male or as female?” assuming (as we do) that we live in a binary society which places people in one category or another with no in-between.

      I understand your objection to the lack of specificity regarding “family”; since the majority of people taking this quiz are college-aged, I think most people taking the quiz assume it to mean family you grew up with.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Jamie. Even with making a bunch of drafts of the questions and brainstorming with multiple groups and people, there’s still so many ways my own biases come through! So it’s always great to hear useful feedback like that.

      T was right about the lack of a non-binary option in that question being because we live in a binary world and the average stranger wouldn’t read someone as non binary unfortunately. I considered having a an option like “not being able to tell,” but I didn’t want considerations of safety to affect people’s choices, so I went with the other imperfect route of just forcing people to choose male or female. As I’m thinking about it more maybe a third option would have been better regardless, but it’s too late to change it now unfortunately. Maybe if I make a next study!

      I actually did realize that issue with the school/workplace one at the last minute, so I switched the settings to those questions to not be required. A description of that option would have made more sense though, so I’ll add that.

      The family one I think I chose the non specific language to let people define it for themselves and what they thought affected them more, but obviously different ways of defining it could be equally influential so I’m not so sure whether or not to specify the family you grew up with on that one…

      Thanks so much for taking the survey 🙂

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      • I think it is really difficult to design a survey, and to understand how different people will read or interpret questions. But is also true that the more diverse the participants are the wider the interpretation of the questions will be.
        Hope that the survey goes well and you get an A in your course.


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