Movie review: “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same”

You may not have heard of it, but it’s the most baller for its dollar:

This one is actually really super entertaining. I watched it with the person I’m sorta dating (because labels, man) and if we ever last I credit this movie.

I thought it’d be either way too weird and artsy for me or really boring and terribly done. It could have been stupid or cheesy. But I was pleasantly surprised! And given the budget and the limited cast, it was wonderfully rich and full of surprises.

So this is not your typical lesbian movie. It looks like a 1950s hokey scifi movie but it was made in 2011. There were few femmes and no glamorous sex, although there was some pretty steamy nose-rubbing and heartbreaking cheesecake. It’s in black and white.  It was produced for less than $8000 on kickstarter: it was truly a labor of love.

Aliens from a far away planet fear damage to their ozone layer is caused by big emotions, i.e. love– BEAR WITH ME HERE GUYS. If any alien is found guilty of big feelings, they get sent to Earth to break their hearts because human interactions are known to cause heartbreak. So they get to Earth on a mission to find love so they can experience true heartbreak. A lonely middle-aged lesbian who works at a stationary store waits for the day someone special comes along; lo and behold, someone comes along who is out of this world. Zoinks, an alien, gives her a love card and big emotions ensue. They are stalked by the CIA. Two other aliens, Zylar and Barr, are on the same quest, but after a passionate cheesecake-fueled afternoon one of Barr falls in love with Zylar while Zylar goes out to lesbian bars and parties her butt off and picks up more girls than Shane.

Zylar’s my faves. She goes on awkward dates trying to blend in with earthlings, tries her hand at online dating, and even puts out a youtube video to attract potential female suitors.

So real life.

There’s a lot of cute. This is cute:

And this:

And this:

This film about adorably sensitive space aliens will make you feel more human than ever.

Oh and P.S. Madeline Olnek has some really smart things to say about the film.