The importance of patience

Life is just one big test of patience. Just wait and things will change; nothing stands still.

The discomfort we all have with time is that it’s the one dimension we have no control over; we can move left and right, up and down, forwards and backwards; we can change our rate of motion and we can change our direction. But we can’t change how fast or slow or even what direction we move in time. Realizing the limitations of time and working within this framework means accepting helplessness. We can only brace for the passage of time, which puts us perpetually on the defensive.

I’m no good at being patient. It involves accepting the most basic human helplessness. But when I’m impatient, I push relationships along. When I’m impatient, I frantically ask all the questions that come to mind but don’t stick around to figure out the answers.

Time will pass with or without my cooperation.


3 thoughts on “The importance of patience

  1. Many of my friends in the fields of therapy and counseling always talk about the DBT works of Linehan, of which the first skill is mindfulness. Sometimes patience might come in the form of how long can you enjoy this one moment right now.


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