Fun stuff from the Toast to read on a Friday: Dune geekery and Bend it like Beckham Femslash

I have to share this awesome bit of geekery, courtesy of The Toast, for those of you who may have read Dune. It’s a few plot highlights, in their own words.


STILGAR: you who are known as Usul among us must choose your desert name
PAUL: just call me Paul
STILGAR: but you are already called Paul
it is a great honor, to be given a desert name
PAUL: ok fine
my desert name is Stilgar
STILGAR: that is my name
you must choose your own name
PAUL: ok i pick bill
call me desert bill
PAUL: jesus
whats that by your foot
STILGAR: that is a mouse —
PAUL: great
thats my desert name
STILGAR: we call it the Muad’D —
PAUL: i already said its my desert name
i dont need you to compose a fucking poem about it

In the most egregious case of queerbating of our generation, Bend it like Beckham should totes have been about two queer women. Instead, they fight over a stupid guy. I mean he’s hot and all, but they are so much better together than they are with him. Have you ever seen such a power couple? Anyways, you’re not the only one outraged about it. Even if the movie was an excellent portrayal of first-generation immigrant families that I found really validating, because growing up different is never easy. But it’s easier if you ship everyone, I find.


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